Details of some of our youngsters:

Youngstock up to 2018

2018 Foals
Remus Shadow by Casanova LDS LDS out of Nimbus (Cloud Nine x Temple Ramiro) - put forward and selected for the AES/ Brightwells Elite Showjumping and Eventing Foal Sale at Addington.
Remus Golden Gift by Timolin out of Donnali (Donnerhall x Pik Bube) - we are very excited about this exceptional filly's future and will be retaining her for her dressage bloodlines as a possible broodmare for the future.
Remus Roscoe by Romanno Rafiel out of Weltstar Ambrini (Broadstone West Country x Dutch Gold) - currently being retained

2017 Foals
Remus Queen of Stars by Rubin Star N out of Remus Kastella K (Kostolany x Broadstone West Country)
Remus Queen of Illusion by Future Illusion out of Ursulette (Jazz x Wolfgang)

2016 Foals
Remus Tintagel by Timolin (Moorlands Totilas x Sion) out of Donnali (Donnerhall x Pik Bube). This gorgeous chestnut colt has been sold to Holland and we look forward to following his career.
Remus Valhalla by Vince (Gribaldi x Hofnar) out of Nimbus (Cloud 9 x Temple Ramiro)
Remus Boscastle by Cyden Bodyguard Moorland (Gribaldi x Negro) out of Movistarlet (T Movistar x Sandro Song)
Remus Dark Knight by Larkshill Debonair (De Niro x Show Star) out of Weltstar Ambrini (Broadstone West Country x Dutch Gold)

2013 Foals
Remus Third Time Lucky – By Great Times out of Fritz Amanda (Temple Ramiro).
Roxie – By Woodlander Rockstar out of Donnali – This gorgeous filly was sold to Chloe as a weanling and we really appreciate the updates!

2012 Foals
Selkie – Don Schufro out of Urena .

2011 Foals
Ruby - Rubin Star N out of Donnali - She gained the prestigious Oldenburg 'premium' award at her foal assessment.
Kassie - Kostolany out of Weltstar Ambrini.

2010 Foals
Don Wilhelm – Don Romantic out of Weltstar Ambrini

2009 Foals
Desana – Diamond Hit out of Weltstar Ambrini
Remus Debonnaire – Demonstrator out of Urena – Darcy has successfully contested the BD National Veteran Rider Championships this year with his owner Terri - we wish them all the best for future successes.