Stallions we use

On this page you will find information and links on the stallions we use and also the key stallions which are found in the breeding of our mares.
In 2016 we had foals from the following combinations:

Timolin (Moorlands Totilas x Sion) with Donnali (Donnerhall x Pik Bube)
Timolin: Timolin is an elegant, light-footed stallion of exceptional quality showing outstanding paces with a lot of athleticism as is shown in his jumping ability. Heads turn where ever he walks with him eluding exceptional presence and natural self-carriage. He attended the Sport Horse Breeding of Great Britain Stallion Grading where he was Graded and Champion. Timolin is out of the International Small Tour Dressage horse mare Samira, who was ridden by Jane Gregory and is by the stallion Sion. Timolin's sire Totilas has a phenomenal competition record and is widely known, worldwide!

Vince (Gribaldi x Hofnar) with Nimbus (Cloud 9 x Temple Ramiro)
Vince: Vince's sire Gribaldi KWPN Keur stallion needs no introduction as he became the number one sire in Europe by consistently and reliably producing very high caliber offspring. Progeny from this famous bloodline include Edward Gal's world record holding Totilas, Sisther de Jeu, Hoftänzer, Silvermoon and Anky van Grunsven's Grand Prix winner Painted Black. Vince has had many successes as a young horse including winning or being placed in all the BD Young Horse Series tests (Shearwater, Rhinegold & Nuumed) qualifying him for the National BD Young Horse Championships. Vince received consistently impressive scores including 9 for his walk and high 8's for his trot and canter. Judges described him as “a very athletic loose moving horse, with three excellent gaits and much presence”.

Cyden Bodyguard Moorland (Gribaldi x Negro) with Movie Starlet (T Movistar x )
Cyden Bodyguard Moorland:Bodyguard is a KWPN Approved black stallion by Gribaldi x Negro x Cocktail. Bodyguard combines impeccable bloodlines with fabulous trainability and therefore competition results. An ideal pedigree for a stallion that will both perform and pass that ability on to his progeny, closely related to both the Gold and Silver individual dressage medallists at the London Olympics. The KWPN has already awarded him the very impressive breeding value of 164 for dressage.In 2015 he had his first KWPN Approved son, Guardian S which for a stallion himself still young is a huge success story for Bodyguard, and another of his offspring, Gladstone won the Shearwater 2015 championships as a 4 year old. Bodyguard has the most amazing temperament and trainable attitude that he appears to be passing onto all his progeny. Bodyguard is currently competing at International Level ST, gaining 73% at PSG and 71% at Inter 1 level in the UK, having been reserve champion at Advanced medium level at the Home Internationals in 2014, and PSG in 2015.

Larkshill Debonair (De Niro x Show Star) with Weltstar Ambrini (Broadstone West Country x Dutch Gold)
Larkshill Debonair: Debonair, who carries the very important De Niro bloodline combined with very strong Westfalian breeding on the damline, has excellent type as a balanced and elastic model with three good gaits and very good cadence. His canter is particularly fine and he shows all the benefit of his balanced and harmonious conformation. During his Oldenburg approval, the judges commented that this was a top Sports Horse that they would love to have back over in Germany. 2014 was his first great year where he topped not only the BEF Stallion Rankings for Dressage progeny, but also took the coveted Badminton Young Horse Championships as one of the very few four year olds to do so. In addition, having won the strongly contested Shearwater International Qualifier at Hartpury CDI, he went on to finish third at the National Finals.

Stallions for 2012

In 2012 we are hoping to have foals from the following stallions:

Don Schufro - A stallion that really needs no introduction who combines the power and looseness of his sire Donnerhall with the amazing trot and hind leg action of his damsire Pik Bube. The quality of his offspring is unquestionable as amongst many other breeding accolades he is the sire of more than 20 licensed sons including Don Romantic and Diamond Hit, is the sire of UNO Donna Unique - the 6 year old 2010 World Champion as well as being the sire of several candidates for London 2012. In his own competitive career he too was an Olympian, collecting team bronze at the Beijing Olympics whilst being the undisputed Danish Dressage Champion as well as many Grand Prix and World Cup qualifier wins.

Parco - The legendary grey jumping stallion, who carries the magic blood of his sire Darco as well as Attack Z and Alme through his damline. Parco is not only proven in his own right with results such as 4th at the Athens Olympics and top placings at World Cups, WEGs and European Championships but he also has over 50 offspring competing internationally from a limited breeding career. Parco passes on his outstanding temperament and trainability to his offspring as well as stamping his bone, scope and look making him an ideal stallion for both competitive and leisure riders. He was recently bought by, and is now standing with, The Stallion Company

Stallions for 2011

In 2011 we had foals from the following stallions:
Remus Rubikon, dark bay filly by Rubin Star N
Remus Kastella K, chestnut filly by Kostolany
Remus Bonne Chance, black filly by Demonstrator

Rubin Star N - a son of the legendary Rubinstein, fully approved in his own right with many breed societies including gaining the prestigious ELITE stallion status with the SHBGB in 2011 due to the continued success at international level of his offspring in both Dressage and Eventing.
Rubin Star N stands at Romanno Stud in Scotland

Demonstrator - Demonstrator is one of Great Britain’s leading sires of proven competition horses in all disciplines. He has won nationally and internationally at Grand Prix Level with Ferdi Eilberg. He is one of the most influential sires of performance horses standing in Britain today and currently stands with Stallion AI Services

Kostolany - This stunning black Trakehner stallion is at the head of some of the best pedigrees in International Dressage today. He is the sire of Gribaldi as well as a number of other approved stallions including Silvermoon, Bertone, Showmaster, Tolstoi, Sans Souci and Polansky.
He is also the grand-sire of Blue Hors Matinee as well as Painted Black - Anky van Grunsven's World Cup ride until last year and the World Record Breaking Moorlands Totilas who needs no further introduction! Kostolany stands at
Hämelschenburg Stud in Germany

Stallions for 2010

In 2010 we had foals from the following stallions:
Don Wilhelm, chestnut colt by Don Romantic
Remus Miss Kallista, dark bay filly by Medoc

Don Romantic – Danish Warmblood Stallion of the Year 2010. He was Dansk Varmblod Foal of the Year in 1999 and sold at auction for a record price. At age 3 years, he became champion colt in Herning, winning the performance test with 10s for canter and rideability. The following year he became undisputed licensing champion and decorated with the much-coveted and rarely awarded gold medal. He went on to win the Danish dressage championships as a four-year-old before a severe injury put an end to his career.
Blue Hors Don Romantic has sired 14 licensed sons, and three daughters awarded with gold medal in Dansk Varmblod. His progeny have excelled at foal shows, mare gradings, stallion licensings, young horse championships and auctions all over Europe. He currently stands at Blue Hors Stud in Germany

Medoc - Medoc very sadly passed away in August 2010 until when he was the only 300 day performance tested Hanoverian stallion standing in the UK. He was originally selected by the German commission to stand at the state stud in Celle, being bred from Germany's finest bloodlines, including the famous Gotthard and Absatz. His sire, MAAT 1 has produced over 160 well known dressage horses. As a Hannoverian Verband graded stallion, Medoc was automatically accepted into the British Hanoverian Horse Society stud book upon arrival in the UK. He has also been successfully graded with the BWBS and approved with the AES and his outstanding performance test resulted in him being one of only a limited number of fully graded Hanoverian stallions to be accepted by parade into the SHB(GB) stud book.
Medoc combined excellent conformation, elastic paces and outstanding jumping ability with a wonderful temperament - all of which he passes on to his progeny.

Stallions for 2009

In 2009 we had foals from the following stallions:
Welthall, dark bay colt by Broadstone West Country
Remus Debonnaire, dark bay colt by Demonstrator
Desana, chestnut filly by Diamond Hit

Broadstone West Country – This stallion needs no introduction as one of the most consistent producers of all round sports and show horses. He is the most senior stallion in Britain by the legendary WELTMEYER and contains the famous WENZEL and DARWIN on the dams side. WEST COUNTRY stamps his stock and passes on his very powerful movement and good temperament. He successfully passed his performance test in Germany and went on to compete successfully at Prix St George and Intermediate 1 level. He was the leading competitive Hanoverian Dressage stallion in 1999 and 2000. He was retired sound from competing in 2000. Details of some of West Country’s youngstocks’ successes can be found on the Romanno website. He currently stands at Romanno Stud in Scotland

Demonstrator – Demonstrator is one of Great Britain’s leading sires of proven competition horses in all disciplines. He has won nationally and internationally at Grand Prix Level with Ferdi Eilberg and was short-listed for the Olympic Dressage Team. He is a group 1 British Warmblood Society stallion and is also graded with the British Hanoverian Horse Society. Dennis has sired 3 BWBS Graded Stallions as well as a plethora of offspring who have competed at the very highest level in all disciplines from national Showing and international Dressage to international Eventing, making Demonstrator a truly diverse stallion. He currently stands at Stallion AI Services

Diamond Hit – His origin already predetermines Diamond Hit as a top sire: His father Don Schufro v. Donnerhall now ranks second in the breeding evaluation (index 171) according to the national breeding value assessment. Above all, his mother Loretta, who he shares with Sandro Hit, added special recommendations to the pedigree. After being successful with Emma Hindle up to Grand Prix level, Diamond Hit qualified for the Olympic Games in 2008 and has 16 wins and placings at Grand Prix. He has sired 27 approved stallions, 13 state premium mares and has 18 offspring with placings at Advanced level. His most expensive offspring to date, stallion Diamonit was sold for 760,000 - € as a 6 year old in 2009. Diamond Hit’s current dressage index of 156 (FN breeding value assessment 2010) underlines his worth as a breeder in an impressive way. He currently stands at Brookhouse Stud

Stallion for 2008

In 2008 we had just one beautiful foal:
Nimbus, chestnut filly who is turning grey by Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine – Cloud Nine is a truly impressive young Oldenburg stallion with an amazing jump. Standing 17 hands (172cm) high, he is a striking looking horse with Olympic Scope, who already confirms that he has inherited his Olympic sire Lando’s effortless, unlimited scope and stylish technique jumping, combined with super athletic elevated paces and a wonderfully bold intelligent temperament. He is very much the new ‘ultra modern athlete’, descending from the great thoroughbred’s Cottage Son and Lady Killer, with sufficient blood to breed show jumpers, dressage horses and eventers. A world class bred stallion! He seems to pass his many qualities on to his youngstock with highly trainable temperaments and buckets of natural ability. He currently stands at The Sport Horse Centre

Stallion for 2005

In 2005 we had just one beautiful foal:
Remus Donna Schanti, dark bay filly by Don Primero

Don Primero – Don Primero has exactly the same bloodline as Don Schufro and is following his sire Donnerhall's outstanding footsteps in the breeding world. Don Primero won the National Young Horse Championships for five year old dressage horses and was produced up to international level under Karin and Herbert Rehbein to Grand Prix winning over twenty 20 S (A grade) dressage classes. His progeny's success is unique: over ten approved stallions including the highly acclaimed DiMaggio who was leading Dressage Sire BEF Futurity 2010, 16 state premium mares as well as numerous other national level competition horses. Don Primero is a surety for dressage breeding and a supplier of top-class foals and top quality horses at all auctions. In Verden in 2004 one of his offspring, Donna Castania sold for €135,000.